Guide: Build and book your dream holiday

This guide shows you how to easily build and book your entire trip with Sembo.

Do you want to travel outside the box? Or take a relaxing trip to a specific destination and stay at your favorite hotel? With Sembo's new travel planner, you can book all parts of your dream trip, whatever it looks like.
If you think it's complicated to book a combination trip, you no longer need to worry. Our tool makes it super easy to build and book any type of trip.
Here we show step-by-step how you can build a combination trip. In this example, 3 nights in Barcelona are combined with a week in Mallorca including flights.

1. Search for your destination

Go to your local sembo page, for example, and enter the country, city, area or name of the hotel in the search field at the top.
Then choose the number of travelers and number of rooms you need.

2. View and edit your travel plan

On the next page,you will get an overview of your trip. On this page, you can make various changes - for example; change dates, choose transport, change the number of nights, view information about the pre-selected hotel, change hotels and add destinations.

3. View details or change accommodation

Sembo's travel planner automatically selects a holiday accommodation for you. If you want to see all accommodations in the area and switch to another hotel, click on "Change hotel".
You will now come to a page with a map. Here you can see the area you have chosen and where the different hotels and holiday homes are located and their prices. You can zoom in on the map to see more hotels and where they are located. In the left column, all accommodations are listed with pictures and they can be sorted on "cheapest" or "most popular".
If you click on an accommodation in the left column, you can read more information, see more pictures and choose between different room types.
You can also click on filters to fi such as number of hotel stars, meals and parking.

4. Add destination

On this trip, you want to combine Barcelona with a week in Mallorca. Therefore, click on "Add destination" at the bottom. Write "Mallorca" in the search box and select the island or a city from the list. Now a night at a hotel in Mallorca has been added to your travel plan. You can change hotels by pressing "Change hotel".
It is easy to change the number of nights. In this example, the number of nights in Mallorca is changed to 7 nights.

5. Add flights

You want to fly from Copenhagen to Barcelona. You also want to fly from Barcelona to Mallorca and back to Copenhagen from Mallorca. To add your first flight, click where it says "No transport".
Choose "Flight" and then when a small window pops up, choose the departure and destination airport and click on "Done". A flight from London to Barcelona has now been added to your trip.
You can change your flight or see your flight details before you complete the booking.
In the same way, you can add flights between Barcelona and Mallorca and from Mallorca back to London.

6. Find dates - see prices - save money

Now you have chosen hotels and flights for your trip. At the top of the tool, there is a row with dates and prices. Here you see that there are differences in the total price depending on which day you choose to start your trip. If you have the opportunity to be flexible, you can save hundreds of euros on your entire built trip by moving the trip back or forward a few days. You can also see prices for other months which can be good if you are open to going another time of the year.

7. Add activities

Do you want to go on an excursion or do some specific activity on your trip? A tip is to book it at the same time as you book accommodation and transport in the travel planner! Find out what you can do in, for example, Barcelona by clicking on "Experience more" and see our range of excursions, activities and tickets in the area that are available to add and book!

8. Book

When you are satisfied with your trip, click the "Book trip" button. It sends you on to the booking flow where you fill in your details, choose whether you want cancellation protection and enter your possible discount code. The payment is made in the step after.
Have a nice trip!
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