Share and plan with others

The Sembo travel tool allows you to share and plan your built journey with others.

Do you love planning trips and choosing the perfect route and the best hotels for your trip? Do you want to be able to save your travel plan for later or share it with someone else?
In Sembo's travel tool, you will find a sharing function so that you can save the link to your trip and continue building it later, or share the trip with friends and family with a single click. Sharing your travel plan allows you to inspire others to book a similar trip but also makes it possible for you to plan the dream vacation together with your travel companions.

How do I share my trip?

When you have built your trip, first click on the button 'Share trip' to the right of the travel plan.
Then click on 'Copy link'.
Now the link to your trip is copied and you can send it to your travel companions, friends or family in an email or message so that they can take part in your trip.
You can also share the link to your trip on social media and encourage your followers to check out your next trip!
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