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Trips to Czech Republic

A trip through the Czech Republic is often a contrasting journey back in time. You are greeted by small rural villages where time seems to have stood still. Where you rarely find someone in broken English or German may help you find a local tavern or provide accurate driving instructions. Here are plenty of castles, each of which is more beautiful than the other. An hour later, you're in an ultra modern malls and among world’s famous brands. The scenery is beautiful.

About Czech Republic

From Prague, when you you travel towards south, you are greeted with low hills, small lakes and streams. Despite language difficulties you can feel great hospitality and the desire to make you feel at ease. The Czech Republic is a fantastic holiday destination.

With Sembo you can travel to the nation's capital. In Prague, we offer a large selection of quality accommodation ranging from apartments to the the stylish first class hotels.

Map of Czech Republic

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