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Trips to Croatia

Holidays to Croatia Croatia bring you with a fantastic coast with splendid bathing. Here you can swim from the pebble and rocky beaches or cast piers. Cavtat and Pula are some of the top and popular destinations in Croatia among the tourists. The trend in spending the holidays in Croatia is on a rise by each passing year. Additionally you are running in Croatia on the cultural treasures of antiquity at every other step. Not only that but the food in Croatia get the taste buds to wake up to. It will be much grilled meat and fish, prosciutto, salty sheep cheese and locally grown vegetables with olive oil. Croatian wines, red and white, are of high class and tastes great.

About Croatia

Probably the best time to travel to Croatia is in May. Before the month of May usually most hotels and holiday flats opens up for the bookings. During this period it may still be chilly in the sea but the sun shines and warms you up. If you want to have some quiet time then during this period you will not feel crowded with a lot of tourists and eventually you can enjoy more calm vacations.

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Map of Croatia

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