Sembo - A new way to travel

Sembo is the only travel agency in the world where you can build and book your entire trip, from start to finish, just like the professionals.

With us, you can easily build all kinds of trips: the summer trip, the weekend trip, the car holiday, or the trip that is completely out of the box. It's only your imagination that sets the limits for your next vacation!

Sembo - A new way to travel

It's a piece of cake to book complicated

At Sembo, you can easily build and book all parts of your trip in one and the same tool, all by yourself! You can also be inspired by our ready-made travel suggestions and book them as they are or adjust them according to your wishes. Would you rather get help planning your dream vacation and get a tailor-made travel plan? We have now launched our new AI travel assistant Amelia, who gives you suggestions for your next trip free of charge!

All-in-one travel planner

Three nights in Rome, two nights in Venice and one night in Milan? A piece of cake with Sembo. With our all-in-one travel planner, you book all parts of your dream trip (transport, accommodation and activities) at the same time. The possibilities are endless!

Amelia, our digital travel assistant

Watch the video to see how easy it is to get help from our digital travel assistant Amelia. Amelia gives you a tailor-made suggestion for your desired trip. You can of course adjust the travel plan according to your preferences before you book.

Do you also want to test Amelia's skills? You can find her at the bottom right of the page.

Book your entire dream trip
Price comparison of the whole trip
Nowhere else can you so easily and quickly price compare your entire trip in one click.
Share and plan with others
The Sembo travel tool allows you to share and plan your built journey with others.
Guide: Build and book your dream holiday
This guide shows you how to easily build and book your entire trip with Sembo.
Amelia avatar
Meet Amelia, our new travel planner